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Dongguan Pinyang Cable Machinery Co., Ltd.Wire and cable equipment manufacturers
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Dongguan City PingYang wire&cable Machinery Co. Ltd is committed to long term wire&cable automationequpment lor p& D, design, production and sales, m anutacturingcenter is locatedin Dongguan China.
The company has advanced technology. rich manufacturing experience, perfect tales service systemThe company has established . rales network in Southern Chins, East China, CentralChina North China, customens all over the country, and exportedto Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America countries andregions.
In the professional fiald, our companies is accordingto the actual neds of customers. continuousimprovement in technology enabling custamers to reduce labor, improve ficiency. saving energy.obuains the customer the full atemation, has established long.term cooperative relationship withwell. known enterprises at home and abroad Wire & cable equipment woll be continuous nnovation,RS o, manulacturing ficiency lom energy consumption, stabie, welcome the domestic and outsidecable circlestovisit the guide, and look formard to your sincere cooperation hand in handl.
Product service areas include: security, construction, computers, electronics, hardware, automotive, networking and many other industries
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