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Main technical parameters of the stranding machine

<1> Stranding machine is a kind of soft/hard conductor wire (copper wire, enameled wire, tinned wire, copper clad steel, copper clad aluminum, etc.) and electronic wire (such as power supply stranding machine). (3) twisted mechanical equipment of the line, headphone cable, telephone line, PVC cable, network cable, etc., so that the single conductor of the XL-250 four-in-one stranding machine is twisted into one strand to meet the technical requirements of the wire .


The stranding machine can be generally divided into a single stranding machine, a high speed stranding machine, a very thin wire stranding machine, a twisting machine, a twisting machine and the like.

Single stranding machine

There are two types of discrete single stranders and cantilever single stranders. It is mainly used in high-frequency lines, electronic lines, data lines, core twists and strands of HDMI, DP, USB, CAT-7.

High speed stranding machine

It can be divided into automatic tension high speed stranding machine and manual tension high speed stranding machine. It is mainly used for copper wire stranding of computer cable, earphone cable, electronic cable, telephone line, network cable and PVC cable.

Extremely thin wire stranding machine

Generally refers to the alloy very thin wire stranding machine. It is mainly used in tinned copper wire, copper alloy wire, silver alloy wire, three-layer enameled wire and other fine wire. Due to its high technical requirements, only a few domestic manufacturers can provide, such as Dongpu.

Twisting machine

It is mainly used for the stranding of high frequency data cable.

Back twisting machine

The utility model is applied to the high-frequency digital telephone cable, so that the position of the insulated core wire is staggered and balanced when the twisting is performed, the unevenness of the twisting is overcome when the twisting is performed, and the high-speed twisting is still uniform in quality and the pitch is accurate, and the double-burning twist is adopted. Good anti-twist effect and excellent performance.

<3> Main technical parameters

Machine speed: The higher the speed value, the higher the efficiency.

Wire diameter: The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy. The technical difficulty has also increased accordingly.

Stranded area: The smaller the value, the greater the technical difficulty.

Drive motor: It is generally controlled by frequency conversion, which is easy to control the speed.

Winch: The smaller the value, the higher the accuracy.

Twisted to the take-up reel: There are two types of right-in and left-in lines.

Noise Index: Reflects the amount of noise when the machine is operating.

Vibration Index: The smaller the value, the smoother the operation.

The main parameters

Model XL-300 High Speed ​​Stranding Machine XL-500 High Speed ​​Stranding Machine XL-630 High Speed ​​Stranding Machine

Model speed selection (rpm) 3000 rpm -4000 rpm 2200 rpm -3000 rpm 1600 rpm -2000 rpm

Feed wire diameter (mm) Φ0.06-Φ0.28 Φ0.08-Φ0.65 Φ0.08-Φ1.0

Stranded area (mm2) 0.03-0.937 0.073-2.0 0.183-6.7

Wrapping distance (mm) 4.33-17.21 5.49-51.24 8.0-97.77

Wire take-up diameter (mm) Φ300 Φ500 Φ630

Host power 2.2KW 4KW 5.5KW

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