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Fiber tight extrusion

PY-35MMtight fiber Push out the production line




Device Usage:< /span>

Ordinary bare fiber is produced into tight-packed fiber and round small-size fiber patch cord, tightly packed with material PVC.    

Main technical indicators:

1.  Bare fiber diameter:Φ0.254mm

2.   tight fiber diameter: Φ0.6mm-Φ0.9mm ;

Single mode circular indoor fiber patch cord Diameter:Max3.0mm

3.   line speed:≤350m/min

4.   fiber tray size(Standard fiber optic disk):Φ235×Φ25.4×108mm(25KMdisk"


5.  release tension:0.4N~1.5N< Span style="font-size:14pt;">±0.05N

6.  Retraction tension:0.5N ~3N(Adjustable< Span style="font-size:14pt;">)

7.   Rewinder size:Φ400mm

8.   Production Center Height:1000mm


Device Composition

1, dual-axis bare fiber active take-off rack

2, 12Road Simple Aramid Yarn Release    

3, straight-through preheating drying device

4, 35Extruding Host( With material drying device)

5, electric control cabinet 

6, constant temperature water tank (with constant temperature water tank)< Span style="font-size:14pt;">

7, cold water tank

8, blow dryer(without blower)   

9, one-way caliper   

10, wheeled traction device 

11, tension dance wheel frame (winding tension frame)

12, Φ400Single-axis wire take-up device


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