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Optical cable secondary plastic sleeve extruder

PY-50Second cable set Plastic extrusion line


 Main technical indicators :

1.    tightly wrapped fiber outer diameter:              0.6mm,0.9mm

2.   Single core indoor cable:          ;      2.0mm

3.   double core8 Font Cable:              2.0*3.0mm

4.   FTTHIndoor Cable:  ;              2.0*4.0mm

5.   FTTH Self-supporting cable:       2.0*5.0mm

6.   Maximum speed of production line design:       150M/Min

   Maximum production line Speed:        120M/ Min

   7. Tight Number of fiber optic cords:               2Disk< /span>/4Disk (on request)  

   8. Tight Package fiber optic reel specification:            Φ400*300*Φ56( and standard fiber optic disk)

   9. tightly wrapped fiber tension:               0.3-3N

  10.Retraction tension:          ;                    3-10N(Adjustable)

  11.Reel specification: 1, core reinforcement (wire) wire release frame

2, FRPStrengthen core power take-off device        

3, aramid discharge device (optional)

4, dual-axis tight-package fiber active take-off rack   

5, 50Extruding Host( With material drying device)   

6, electric control cabinet (PLC Computer Intelligence Full Electronic Control System)               

7, constant temperature water tank (with constant temperature water tank)    

8, cold sink (with industrial chiller)

9, Blow Dryer(without blower)   

10, one-way caliper  

11,Black and white inkjet printer (user-supplied)

12, wheel-type traction device 

13, storage line tension control stand 

14< /span>, Φ400-630MMDouble-axis shaft type take-up device



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