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High-speed automatic punch into a circle
【Technique Feature】:
Applicable to a variety of cable's length of the cutting, PLC microcomputer + + pneumatic servo control system, the whole body straight, remember meter device, belt indexing mechanism, cut line agencies, to send line agencies, institutions and push belt drag line institutions. Cutting length, the number of each bundle, the cumulative cut line a few meters can be set arbitrarily.
【Technique specifications】:
Use Applicable to all types of power cords, plugs, electronic cable tie into finding
Cutting capacity Round wire ф4.0mm-ф10mm flat line thickness 2.0X4.0mm-5.0X10mm
The minimum length of removal 600mm
Take-line Wire
Maximum speed Up to 200 meters per minute / per minute maximum 150
Length range 600-99999mm (max) refers to any set-Pull
Cutting precision +-3m/m
To-line Iron axes, wooden shaft, constant tension power line initiative to compensate
To spool diameter a、ф700-ф950mm b、ф900-ф1050m c、ф1200-ф1200m
The main feature Put power line, tension frame, cut the line hosts, electrical control box, transport platform
Power Actinomycetes host machine 2HP 2HP 3HP + delivery platform inverter DC
Power supply Three-phase 380V + zero line, frequency 50HZ
According pay area L9MxW2MxH1.8M (standard length)
Product weight Host machine 585KG 520KG actinomycetes delivery platform 4 m total 1630KG 205KG 320KG Tension
Painting No.2 apple
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