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Power line extruder
Suitable for building wiring, LSZH cable, power lines, color, color core or jacket, note bar, single, double extrusion production line can be equipped with self-waver plate coiling machines and packaging machines themselves.
The main technical parameters
Machine Model PY- 50×25 PY-70×25 PY-70 +35 vertical PY-70 +35 Horizontal PY-80 +40 Horizontal PY- 90+50 Horizontal
Completed Wire 0.5-5.0mm 1.0-8mm 1.0-8.0mm 1.0-10mm 1.2-20mm 1.2-23mm
Application materials PVC,SR-PCV, PE, PP, PA,PU, Nylon, Halogen-free TPE, etc.
Screw diameter 50mm 70mm 70mm+35mm 70mm+40mm 80mm+40mm 90mm+50mm
Screw length 25:1 25:1 25:1+18:1 25:1
The maximum amount of extrusion 60KG/H 130KG/H 130KG/H, 15KG/H 120KG/H , 25KG/H 180KG/H, 25KG/H 250KG/H, 60KG/H
The fastest line speed 500M/Min 400M/Min 400M/Min 400M/Min 350M/Min 250M/Min
Actinomycetes Type Shaftless actinomycetes active or passive, rejection barrel main discharge line for cable tray: Φ400-500-630-1000mm
Main Motor 15HP 30HP 40HP+5HP 40HP+7.5HP 50HP+10HP 60HP+15HP
Sections of the thermostat 5 7 6+3 6+4 6+4 7+4
Cooling tank Movable thermostat + single U-shaped fixed 8-12 meters, or 4-6 meters double fixed
Traction type Wheel type Φ340mm Wheel type Φ420mm Wheel type Φ500mm Wheel type Φ600mm
Traction motors 3HP 5HP 5HP 5HP 7.5HP 7.5HP
Chu wire frame Horizontal, 9-12 m long; reservoir length 200 m
Take-up type Take biaxial Take biaxial Biaxial closing line, without shaft closing line, or with self-shake dish machine (optional).
Electrical control Frequency control motor, PID / SCR temperature control system; PLC + touch screen display full control (optional)
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